Module BMECRA31210


Module phân tán BMECRA31210

Mã: BMECRA31210 Danh mục:

range of product
Modicon X80
product or component type
Ethernet RIO drop adaptor
bus type
Bus X across the remote backplane
Ethernet across the remote backplane
number of port
integrated connection type
Ethernet/IP for device network
Ethernet/IP for service port
communication port protocol
communication service
Configure IP parameters
Output modules are updated with the data received from remote I/O head adaptor
The input data are collected and published to the remote I/O head adaptor
Diagnostics for remote I/O devices
RSTP support
function available
CCOTF (configuration change on the fly)
data recording
10 ms time stamps
Daisy chain loop
local signalling
1 LED (green)module active (RUN):
1 LED (red)module error (ERR):
1 LED (green/red)module status (Mod Status):
1 LED (green/red)network communication status (Net Status):
1 LED (green)Ethernet link diagnostics (STS):
product compatibility
multifunction input module BMXERT
Ethernet module BMXNOM
counter module BMXEHC
0…1024 discrete channel
0…256 analog channel
weighing module PMESWT
HART module BMEAH…
module format
maximum altitude transport
3000 m
relative humidity
95 % without condensation
Thương hiệu

Schneider Electric

Dòng sản phẩm

Modicon X80

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